Trendy Island Cabinets Types and Styles

It seems that island cabinets have grown to becoming an optional feature in large kitchen spaces, to being a household essential in most home kitchens. The island kitchen cabinets have a lot to offer when it comes to look and functionality. It can have a sink to wash hands and small dishes, a drawer to keep utensils for immediate use, an eating area if the homeowner would like to have a place for a quick bite, and an additional counter space, especially when it is used for prepping, such as when making bread or cutting up ingredients for supper.

It seems that aside from these advantages, another plus when it comes to having an island counter in your home is that it provides for maximum storage in your kitchen. You can choose to put your heavy pots and pans underneath the counter, or you can have it fitted with a dishwasher, an oven, a freezer or a small fridge, or any other small appliance that you may want to have right by your side. All in all, there’s nothing wrong with having an island cabinet in your kitchen.


Where to Find Island Cabinets

You can find that a lot of home improvement stores and kitchen showrooms have a great set of island cabinets that you can choose from. You can opt for a number of designs and modifications according to your need, for as long as the home improvement center can have your island counter fitted with the things that you need, with the budget that you have.

Usually, island cabinets in kitchens are used primarily for the sole purpose of storage. You will find that an island will have a lot of places for multiple drawers and closets, which a homeowner will find very handy when stowing away items that are rarely used. Drawers in an island cabinet would work great for utensils and other essentials because you can get the utensil or item within an arm’s reach, unlike when you put your items in an over cupboard or any other place. Another key advantage of this setup is that it provides storage, so that you can remove the clutter building up in your countertop by putting it below or away in the island’s multiple storage units.

Even though it seems like the idea of having multiple cabinets can be a good thing, you need to remember that too much of it can also be bad for you. When scouting for an island cabinet for your kitchen, you need to remember that it should be big enough for the cithen to be proportion to the rest of the space, but not big enough that it can obstruct the walkway in the kitchen itself. It helps to have a tape meaure on hand and to tell a home improvement specialist so that they can help you choose the right kind of island countertop size that would fit your home in the best possible dimension that you can have it.

Things to Consider 

Before heading out of your house to find the right cabinets for the kitchen, here are some reminders that you need to bring along with you.

As far as the counter is concerned, you need to know what type of finish works best for your home. Storage space is also important, as you should know what type of storage would suit you best. You don’t really need to follow a certain style, as you can have the liberty of customizing it for your needs. You would also need to determine how you are going to use that storage that you will fit in your island.

Another great thing to consider before choosing is to decide whether the island counter will be used for entertainment and everyday eating. This will change the orientation of the storage dramatically, and so it is important to decide whether to have it or to let go of the idea. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, it will be your decision as to how you will use the space which will make it the ideal space that it is with it.

Cabinets for Small Kitchens Styles and Types

One essential part of the home is the kitchen. This quintessential room is where families get together to prepare delicious meals, share their lives, celebrate successes or simply revel in each other’s presence.  And any homeowner worth his or her salt would endeavor to have the best kitchen tools and fixtures, starting with sturdy and appropriate countertops. The right countertops for it can make any kitchen stylish and utilitarian, able to accommodate and store different utensils and tools of various sizes and uses.


Cabinets for Small Kitchens Styles & Types

Designing or selecting kitchen cabinets can be confusing and stressful at times, especially if you’re working with a small kitchen and a limited budget. Plus, a lot hinges on choosing it. Making the wrong choice will affect how it will end up looking, as well as the storage space. However, there are several things you need to consider to be able to make the right choice.

The first thing you need to think about when selecting countertops it is the space you’ll need to store the different utensils. Cabinet sizes of your kitchen layout should be determined and fixed first before heading to the nearest home improvement store. Try making it as tall as possible in order to maximize space.

Kitchen cabinets come in different styles and sizes, so homeowners now have more options on where to place them. But for those with narrow galley kitchens where standard cabinet sizes don’t fit, a customized cabinet is the answer. And in some instances, it might be the best and only way to have the needed it.

After deciding on the sizes of the cabinets, the next thing to look into is the function. When designing or choosing them, think about the lifestyle and cooking habits of the owner and what functions and features the cabinets should have. Does everything have to be easily accessible? Is the homeowner into gourmet cooking and need a special area for gourmet cookware? Taking these things into account will help you with the next consideration, the cabinet style.

The next thing that has to be considered is the style of the cabinets. When choosing this option, take into account the architectural features and interior design style of the home, as well as the atmosphere that the homeowner wants to have for it. For example, traditionally styled home often have cabinets with intricate details and features such as corbels and mouldings. Cabinets for a modern kitchen are sometimes designed so the doors are flushed to the edges of the cabinet or make use of sleek kitchen cabinet handles.

Colours and finishes are cabinets for small kitchens styles that should also be carefully considered. Kitchen cabinets can be stained with a natural wood finish or painted. You can also mix and match colours and finishes. For instance, cabinets can be painted in two tones. The outer frame can be painted in a colour that’s in contrast with the colour of the main cabinet.

Of course, a specific budget should be allotted when choosing this option. The budget will determine whether one should buy ready to install cabinets or have custom cabinets. And for those with a limited budget, refurbishing, repainting or doing small modifications to the existing cabinets and countertops can be the answer.

A good countertop can change the feel and enhance how they look. And when it comes to countertops, granite is a popular choice among homeowners. It comes in black, white, coral, beige, and green. Choose a finish that will complement the cabinets and will make small, dark kitchens appear brighter.

Other materials that can be used for countertops are limestone and marble. Countertops made from concrete are popular now because it has different finishes. Wood countertops are another valid option since they are easy to clean and can also easily match them.

The most important thing to remember though, before coming to a decision on what style or material to use for it, is that homeowners should see the product firsthand by going to a showroom or by looking at kitchen decorating pictures.

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