Understanding Kitchen Island Lights (Types, Styles, etc)

Ever since kitchen islands became necessities, the need for the right lights came into being. Why not? After all, they do have a lot to offer and without proper lighting they might not be able to fulfil their purpose at all.

They are not used just to prepare meals but they can also serve as a place for your family to converge. There are islands that can also be used as an extra counter and cooking station depending on the design that you will choose. Because of this versatility the need for the right ones has become the obsession of many homeowners who want to get the most out of their space.

Kitchen Island Lights Types & Styles

Why not settle with the common types ? Although there is nothing wrong with going for traditional lights, when it comes to then you should go for those lighting options that are designed specifically for them. If you notice your existing ones you will find that they are designed to illuminate the whole area. This is not bad especially when you have recessed lights installed but when using it you will find it a bit difficult to see what you are doing.

Depending on the type that you have bought, you should seriously think about the type that you will be purchasing. You can go with either a fixed island or a portable one based on your theme and the space available. Either way, you will still need the right lighting fixture so your island will be illuminated properly.

Just to give you an idea on the styles available in the market, here are some examples that you might want to consider.

  • Pot Rack Lights – There are ones that are equipped with a pot rack where you can hang your pots and pans. You might be surprised that this is not just the only purpose of this rack. As a matter of fact you can actually install it here so you will have a much better lighting system. Now you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself because of poor lighting.
  • Ceiling Lighting – There are some instances where ceiling mounted lighting systems are used to light it up. You can go for can-recessed lights if you want or go for pendant lights so you can direct your lighting where you want it. Not only does this add illumination but can also create a dramatic effect to your space especially when you go for dim lights.
  • Chandeliers – Who said that chandeliers are just for the living room and dining area? It  can benefit a lot from this type of lighting fixture provided that it is large enough to accommodate it. You can get chandeliers with 2 or more light bulbs or go for the extravagant one depending on the theme.


Once you have figured out style you will be using you should know where to place them next. Like it was mentioned before, they are important  that is why it is recommended that you place them properly. Whether you will go for pot rack lighting, pendant, recessed or chandeliers for that matter, you should know how much light they can provide and whether they will be enough to give you a clear view on what you are doing when you use.

If you want to be able to narrow down your choices  you should consider the theme. Rustic lighting fixtures can blend perfectly with your country style while mini pendant lights can give it that ultra-modern feel. You can even mix and match ones to create a very charming and bright place for you to prepare your meals or converse with family and friends. Just remember that there are plenty of kitchen island lights for sale and the only way you can get the right one is to take into account the type  that you have.

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