Using a New Tile Pattern to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the fastest ways to give your home a new look, and a new shower tile pattern can give this room that needed makeover fast. We usually don’t notice how worn out or dated our bathrooms look since this is a room that we use every day. But something as simple as a new one can breathe new life to this area, plus it can be done for a very small price. A great place to start your remodeling is the bathroom shower. If you have a limited budget, use the shower to set the scene or to be the focal point. Most people won’t even notice that the sink or vanity still needs to be updated. Consider the following before you start remodeling the bathroom.


Remodeling with a New Tile Pattern

There’s loads of information out there about the latest one for your bathroom designs and fixtures. Getting enough information will give you a better idea on how to go about renovating your bathroom.

  • Whether or not you have an idea on how you want your bathroom to look like, take the time to check design magazines and the Internet for ideas and pictures of remodeled bathrooms and unique one. You can also find some great tile flooring ideas that can be incorporated in your project. However, most of the examples shown on magazines and design websites can be excessive, so try to work out how you can downplay it to something suitable for your bathroom.
  • After you have decided on what to do with your bathroom and what type you want, talk to a designer or a contractor and discuss if what you envision will fit your budget. Take into consideration the materials and bathroom fixtures you need to buy and the cost of labor. Depending on how much you’re willing to shell out, you might have to scale back on your design or consider cheap flooring options.
  • If you plan on making your shower the focal point of the bathroom, it’s important to decide on what shower type to use. A popular type is the standard sized shower insert. Using a shower insert can minimize the occurrence of tile leaks for several years. But shower inserts can be boring and lack the pizzazz that will make your bathroom a standout. You can also choose the versatile tub and shower combination, which is usually tiled from the tub to the walls. But if you don’t care for a tub, you can try completely tiling the shower enclosure with the tile pattern of your choice to create an amazingly extravagant shower. Whatever you decide on, using a modern tile is the best decision. You can create infinite color combinations, type and accent or border designs.

Tile Pattern – Other Features Needed to Create Luxury Bathrooms

  • Another important bathroom feature that must be carefully thought of during remodeling is the fixtures. There are two kinds of plumbing fixtures for the shower. There are the basic, inexpensive ones and the very expensive fixtures that cost a hundred dollars or more. There are also endless choices when it come to the design, finish and color of the bathroom fixtures, but you should be willing to spend a pretty penny for the best, high quality fixtures.
  • Don’t forget to install a shower door during the remodeling. Using shower curtains will only lead to constant tile repair or another bathroom remodeling after a few short years. Just like the different designs and bathroom fixtures, there are affordable shower doors available at any home stores. Shower doors are easy to install and can be done by the homeowner, but hiring a professional will ensure that your shower door is strong and properly installed.

Every homeowner can buy and install a new tile pattern, especially if they want to stick to their budget. Knowing when to hire a professional and when you can do it yourself is the key. For instance, complicated work like installing waterproof flooring or the plumbing of new fixtures should be left to the capable hands of the contractor. If you feel unsure of the right one to use or what design to follow, remember that there are dozens of articles and instructional videos that you can watch for free.




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