3 Tips for Using Kitchen Planner Online

3 Tips for Using Kitchen Planner Online

Designing the perfect kitchen is now possible with kitchen planner online. Every homeowner dreams of having one that is properly laid out for maximum comfort and convenience. Many already have an idea on how they will place their cooking station, their kitchen island, and even their cabinets and other accessories.

The only problem is that they are not sure whether the idea they have in mind can translate to real life. Anyone who is in the process of remodeling a part of their home knows the importance of being able to visualize the design they want to achieve and for those whose project is upgrading it, working with a kitchen planner is certainly a convenience that should be taken advantage of.

The Benefits of Kitchen Planner

Like it was mentioned before, homeowners face a big challenge when it comes to remodelling it. It is true that is easy to come up with several ideas but putting them down in paper so you can see the overall look becomes a hurdle that many homeowners can’t seem to get over yet. There are several advantages to be gained when you use this Internet tool when you are thinking of renovating it. Here are some known benefits in the life of an ordinary homeowner.

  •  Visual Representation – When you use a kitchen planner you will be able to put down any ideas you have in mind into a visual representation that you can share with your family or with the contractor who will be renovating your kitchen for you. You can arrange your counters, sinks, cabinets, cooking station and other appliances in any way you like. While you are moving the items around your virtual kitchen you will be able to see whether the layout is appropriate or not.
  • Faster Designing Time – It allows you to plan the design much faster compared to drawing it by hand. You only need to choose the type of furniture and appliance you want to have and place them in the right area. This entire process won’t take up too much of your time.
  • Fewer Mistakes – With one you will be making fewer mistakes when renovating your kitchen. This is due to the fact that you have already changed what’s needed to be changed during the initial design phase. Once you are satisfied with the look of it using it you can start with your kitchen renovation in real life.
  • Affordable – It gives you the opportunity to save money. Instead of hiring someone to design it for you, you can do the entire thing yourself thanks to the online planner. As you can see, you can start saving money right from the start.


 Integrating a Serving Cart

While you are in the process of renovating your kitchen you might want to think about adding a serving cart to your design. There are times when you find yourself lacking in counter space from time to time. This may be because you have arranged your appliances on the available counters because you want easy access to these handy gadgets. However, this design can compromise the availability of your counters hence the need for additional work station. Fortunately a serving cart can do the job.

This type of cart can do more than just being used to serve your cooked dishes. As a matter of fact, you can utilize its flat surface as an extra counter where you can prepare your meals. Since this cart has wheels attached to it, you can wheel it around where you need it the most. You can move it near your cooking station so you can dump the ingredients faster. Afterwards, you can use it as a serving station.

You can find a spot for your new cart where it won’t be an obstacle to those who will be dropping by for a snack or two. Taking advantage of this tool will make it easier for you to upgrade your space. You won’t have a hard time finding a kitchen planner online so you start looking for one.

Free Kitchen Design Software Suggestions




       Designing any room in the house used to be time consuming since it had to drawn by hand. These days it’s easier to plan it or design any room in the house because there are numerous programs that designers can use. Some of these programs are easy to use and can let you plan it and virtually show you how the proposed room would look.


Some Good Software

Most of the interior design software programs out in the market now allow you to plan it and to add furniture, lighting, colors or patterns of walls, floors or ceilings. An added perk of the software is the catalog of products from manufacturers so that you can choose from and include them when you plan it. Software programs that have been specifically designed for planning different kitchen design layouts are the Autodesk Homestyler, Auto-kitchen Pro, Easy Planner 3D, Kitchen Design Software and 20-20 Design.

20-20 Design is a world renowned software that can help plan it the fast and easy way. The software lets homeowners and designers see full color renderings in 3D or with a photo like quality. This is helpful in simulating a realistic kitchen that can be seen and checked from every possible angle. Plus you can zoom in on any section that you want.

Auto-kitchen Pro is another good software program to use when you want to plan it.  It’s a standalone program that includes the Auto CAD OEM engine. It also has a universal cabinet catalog and a catalog editor that lets you to make changes to the cabinet frames, height, materials and other features of cabinets that you’re designing. The software’s catalog includes more than150 cabinet door styles and about 100 cabinet handles and knobs.

Auto-desk has been the leader in computer aided designing for years and is known for their software programs that have been helping architects, engineers and interior designers. The Auto-desk Homestyler has an easy drag and drop feature that will help you design it and more in different styles and colors. It’s a free online design program that’s easily accessible and fun to use.

Download Free Kitchen Design Software

You don’t need to spend a large amount of money buying these programs. There are several good programs that can be found online for free. Furniture giant Ikea has its Kitchen Planner software that also lets you drag and drop furniture pieces in your layout so you can see what the room will look like as you plan it. Easy Planner 3D is another free program that you can use.


There are several benefits of using a computer aided design when you plan it. Some of these benefits are easily perceptible in the design process while other benefits are more subtle. They might not be seen directly but they do result in having a high quality product, better control over the design process and less stress on the part of the designers.

One important benefit of using a program to plan it is that you can carefully design your space before building or renovating it. The software can let you choose what type of furniture, fixture, tiles, paint and other materials you plan on using it. This helps the homeowner or interior designer visualise it even before the construction or remodeling begins.

Any kitchen design program you use for planning aims to help you see how it will look like if you choose a particular design, color, fixture or appliances. It can help save you a lot of money since you’ll be able to see the finished kitchen even before you start building it.

This ensures that you avoid major mistakes that you might otherwise encounter if you just plan it as you go along. Whether you’re remodeling a narrow galley kitchen or you want to plan it in preparation for moving to a new house, preparing ahead of time can help you save time, money and effort, and you are guaranteed of getting one that you have always dreamt of.


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