Various Types of Wood Flooring to Choose From


With the various kinds of wood flooring today, sometimes it can be a bit challenging when deciding which will go well with your home. According to reviews, you might be seriously considering getting new floors for your home especially when the existing ones are already looking beyond repair. If this is the case, doing a bit of research on your end can help you determine which one will fit your space and your existing theme perfectly. Fortunately, there are several for sale options to buy for your home flooring. You can buy them from your local home depot or hardware store or you can order them online depending on your preferences. However, before you go and make that purchase, knowing the different types will go a long way for you.


Types of Wood Flooring

Basically, there are three kinds that are being sold today. These are real wood, engineered wood and laminated floors. Each of these types has their own qualities that might work with your existing home theme. If you are in the lookout for new floors, you should take a closer look at each of these types to know them better. Here are some helpful information about each kind.

  • Real Wood – This type is made from real wood as its name suggests. Its thickness can go all the way up to 14mm. The tongue and groove design is one of the top choices in the market. This design allows you to sand the wood panels several times to remove any impurities. However, the number of times is limited to the style of tongue and groove. Most homeowners choose this design because of the materials used. The strong features of real wood can be quite appealing to the eyes. If you want this for your home, you should compare their designs and styles until you find the perfect one for your space.
  • Engineered Flooring – Another example that is for sale is the engineered one. This type of floor is quite different from real hardwood because it is made up of at least three to four planks combined together. The thickness of this wood is the same as real hardwood which is 14mm. One advantage to using this for your home is that you can easily maintain and repair it on your own. Since the materials used here make it more durable, you don’t have to worry about your floors deteriorating at a fast pace. You can place it in areas of high traffic without worrying about it being damaged so easily.
  • Laminated Floors – This is usually made from fibrous materials that give it the features of real wood. This is favored by many because of its cheap price. However, in order to enjoy the full beauty of it, it needs to be leveled when installed. The only downside to this type is that it doesn’t quite pull off the natural beauty of both engineered and real hardwood. Also, laminate doesn’t sit well with moist environment and can easily deteriorate when exposed to water and moisture. This can be a problem for you in the long run which may dismay you especially when you have visitors coming in.

Types of Wood Flooring – Is Laminated Floors Worth Investing On?

Now that you have an idea on what you can buy, the question now is which one do you think is suitable for your home? The types of flooring mentioned above have their own ups and downs just like laminated floors wich is the cheapest of the lot but doesn’t have the same natural look as the real hardwood. However, laminate flooring may be the best option for those who are on a tight budget but would like to have a new type of floor for their home.

According to reviews, there is no doubt that it is such a wonderful addition to your home. Not only do they give such a charming appeal to your home but they can also highlight your home furnishing in a subtle way. Depending on the kinds of wood flooring available, you can turn your home’s flooring from boring to striking at prices that are just within your budget.




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