Which of the Laminate Flooring Types is Right for You?

Which of the Laminate Flooring Types is Right for You?


Are you having a hard time deciding on buying laminate flooring types for sale and if it is right for you? It comes in different types and, for a homeowner who wants nothing but the best for their home, may find it difficult to come up with a wise decision.

If this is your first time to consider laminated floors for your home, it is best that you think about where you will be placing them and the type of environment you will be exposing them to.

Laminate floors are considered by many because they offer budget friendly prices compared to real hardwood. Now, if you are the type of homeowner who wants to give their home a grand flooring system minus the accompanying expense, this is perhaps the right option for you.

Laminate Flooring Types

4 Factors

So, you have finally decided you want to use laminated flooring for your home. Great job! Now, you need to keep in mind that the type you will be installing can increase or decrease the look and value of your home. If you want to get your hands on the best type for your home, the next step would be to read reviews on the types of laminate flooring and then narrowing down your options to those that you think will work well with your home. To do this, you need to consider several factors as stated below.

#  Foot Traffic and Area – Determining where you will be placing your new floors is key to making the right choice. You should consider the area that needs to have its flooring replaced. This is due to the fact that you will be assessing the amount of foot traffic it receives. As you may know, constant foot traffic can damage the surface which is why it is always factored in when buying new floors. Check out the AC rating because this will tell you which area of your home it is suitable. For example, a floor with AC3 rating is recommended for the hallway and living room where the most foot traffic occurs.

#  Levels of Moisture – Sometimes, adding underlayment to your laminate floors is recommended. For this, you need to determine the amount of moisture in a particular room. You should also determine the kind of core the floor has to make sure that it can withstand the moisture levels when installed. Laminate floors that have a strong core can withstand being exposed to waters and high moisture levels better than those that have medium type cores.

#  Color – This is also a factor that you need to take into account when choosing among the different types. Of course, you need to select floors that have colors complementing your interior. The good news is that there is no shortage in choices when it comes to the color because there are more than a dozen selections out there. However, if you will be choosing light colored floors keep in mind that the scratches on their surface can be easily seen.

#  Design – Since there are dozens of different types to choose from, when it comes to design you should choose one that works in harmony with the overall theme of your room. Look at the type of furniture you have so you can easily pattern the design of your floors to it.

Affordable Laminated Floors for the Home

Laminated floors are without a doubt the perfect choice for big families. The way they are designed to match the heavy foot traffic is simply unbelievable. What makes this type truly worth considering is the price tag attached to it. Compared to  other types out there, only laminated flooring are priced reasonably while at the same time giving the features of real hardwood. Now isn’t this a choice worth taking note of?

For homeowners who want to have the best setup for their home without having to spend an enormous part of their funds, laminate is worth a shot. Just take into account the factors mentioned above when finding the perfect floor among the kinds available today.

5 Things to Consider in Laminate Flooring Installation Cost

There are many factors that can contribute to the rise or fall of laminate flooring installation cost. Nowadays, there are many homeowners who prefer to have laminated floors installed because they are cheap, durable and of course absolutely stunning to look at. Real hardwood may be expensive for some but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get their heart’s desire at all. Floors that are laminated are known to imitate the look of different types of hardwood regardless of whether they are pine, oak or ash. The difference is that laminate are a whole lot cheaper which is just perfect for homeowners who are on a budget. What’s more, when it comes to wood floor maintenance, they are easy enough to deal with.

The question now is, what factors can affect the cost of laminate flooring?

5 Factors

If this is your first time to have laminated flooring in your home, here are a few factors that can affect the installation cost.

  • Preparation – Before you install them, you should check the condition of your existing floors first. They should be free from any debris, dirt, holes or any other obstacles prior to installation. If your floors are uneven it is recommended that you have subfloors installed first. Usually, this can cost you around $15 to $30 per panel. Of course, you have to consider the thickness of the subfloors in order to create that smooth and even surface so you can install it correctly.

  • Padding – Another factor that can add to the price is the padding. If you want to have that cushioning effect underneath your feet, installing padding is a must. When searching for padding, you will find that they come in various brands and thickness. You can get them in rolls between 100 to 500 square feet. The price ranges from $35 to $250 so you should choose wisely which type of padding you will be buying.

  • Type – The cost of installing laminate flooring can also be affected by the type and brand you will be using. There are some manufacturers that can give discounted rates when you purchase above their minimum for bulk orders. The usual rate can range from $1 to $5 at least.

  • Wood Around Entryways – Aside from the floor panels that you will be installing, you should also consider the woodwork for your entryways. There are different types of woodwork available in stores today with prices ranging from a little less than $2 to less than $8 at least. You should carefully consider what color and type of woodworking you will be installing in your doorways so you can choose the right type.

  • Cost of Labor – The last factor that you need to take into account when it comes to the cost is the labor. For homeowners who will be hiring someone else to do the installation, they should consider the company’s service fee as part of their overall expense. The usual rate may be around $1 to $3 for each square foot. You can do your own estimate based on the dimensions of the room you will be installing them.

Extra Tips on Wood Floor Maintenance

You should also consider how you will keep them looking like brand new for a very long time. Fortunately, wood floor maintenance isn’t all that hard to do. What you need are some really simple tools that you are sure to see in your home and these are broom and vacuum cleaner. When cleaning them from dirt and debris that have accumulated over the weeks, make sure that you use a soft bristled broom to avoid scratching the surface.

If you will vacuum them, you should select the option that avoids damaging your laminate tiles as well. These are but a few examples of wood floor maintenance that you should keep in mind at all times. So, if you plan on revamping the look of your floors, make sure that you look into it first before deciding whether or not to go with your plans.

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