White Kitchen Islands Designs, Trends, Styles, Ideas & More

If you are thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, why not incorporate white kitchen islands into your new design? It may be that the old design that you have is no longer working for you and your eyes crave a different view. Even your counters and shelves may look a bit drab especially if you have been seeing them for decades. And don’t forget the usual clutter it has at the moment. Is there any way to revitalize your it?

Fortunately, they can certainly uplift your space by banishing the clutter from your counters while at the same time provide you with a cleaner and more organized space.

White Kitchen Islands Designs, Trends, Styles, Ideas & More

You might be wondering why choose them when there are other more colorful carts on wheels out there. Well, you might have noticed how the color white is often associated with a feeling of calm, cleanliness and luxury when used in other furniture pieces. The same thing applies to islands painted in this color. Incorporating this accessory into your own space can easily transform your drab looking area instantly.

Aside from uplifting your overall appeal, what else can you get out of them? Well, for starters, snow colored kitchen islands can make it appear bigger. This is quite useful especially for small spaced setups. You may feel like you are working in a much bigger area when you have a cart on hand.

Another benefit to using them is that they open up more space because of their compact size. You can see that these islands come in various sizes which can indicate how much utensils and other necessities they can store too. This way, you can easily organize your utensils so your cooking experience will be easier and more pleasant.

Since they do have wheels attached to their base, you can easily move them around. This feature allows you to convert it into any way you want it to be. For example, you can use it as a bar area, storage cabinet, and work station among others. Imagine holding an outdoor party on your property. You can use your them to store your plates and eating utensils so they won’t take up much of your space on the table. All that you have to do is to simply roll out ito your yard and get ready to serve.

One last thing that can benefit you when you choose them is that they are affordable. If you are a bit low on budget, this is an option worthy of consideration. Compared to built-in islands, an island on wheels certainly is better for anyone’s wallet since they are priced cheaply.

White Kitchen Island Styles

The invention of carts on wheels has certainly helped making life in it more bearable. Instead of the chef moving from one area to the next just to prepare their dishes, they can simply move it near their workstation so they can transfer their prepared ingredients here easily. Afterwards, they can move to the cooking area with all the necessary ingredients and utensils in tow. Not only this is quite handy but it also eliminates wasting time while in whipping up a delicious dish.

Based on the benefits mentioned above, there is no reason why you shouldn’t some wheels. If you want to free it from all that useless clutter and turning it into a well-organized cooking area you should invest one instead. You might be surprised on how things turn out especially when your old setup take on a brand new look with the right light island design.

If you want it not just to be a beautiful space to work on but a functional one as well, investing on the proper accessories like islands on wheels is highly recommended. Who said that you have to endure long hours in it or have trouble finding your cooking utensils from all the clutter? By investing and incorporating it in your space, you are giving yourself a chance to once more enjoy the times you spend in it.

Various Modern White Kitchen Designs

A modern white kitchen is almost always seen as a cold and lifeless place to cook in. On the contrary this is not true. In fact, it is one of the most engaging places to start brewing and whipping up some of the tastiest dishes and beverage that you can serve to your family and friends. If you want to revamp it so it will look stunning and more conducive for cooking you might want to consider one to replace your old design. You can get some ideas here so you might want to stick around.

Going back to the basics can certainly make an impact to your space especially if you are working with a small setup. This is a color that can create the illusion that you have a much bigger space hence it is a favorite among households with small setups. Some choose this style because it is elegant and sophisticated. Whatever your reason may be for choosing a frosty style, here are some ideas that you can apply to your planning.

  • White on White – This is a clever idea this. Everything in this area from the cornices to the molding of the furniture all the way to the cabinetry is painted this color. This is the perfect palette to add some splashes of color such as flower arrangements, beautiful pottery and vases and a whole lot more. Stainless steel cooking equipment can also help break the monotony of the white on white color to create a more appealing look.
  • White and Wood – Not everyone is inclined to go for design mentioned above, so adding a touch of color in the form of wood is another idea to consider. Adding wooden beams and even wooden furniture can certainly add warmth and charm to your space. Snowy walls with wooden floors can create a country feel to your kitchen. If you want to add more character to your space go for islands with natural countertops to blend the pallid colored walls and wood together.
  • Colorful Centerpiece – This is another type of design for it. What makes this different is that you will be introducing a centerpiece which will stand out from its achromic background. You can choose, for example, a butcher block with its rich color or you can go for a unique lighting system such as pendant lights to highlight certain parts of your ivory kitchen.
  • Contemporary –  Just imagine what it will look like if you add the colors blue, green and red to it in small patches. Add some wooden furniture or floor and you will create a whole new look for your space that will remind you of your childhood times.


Modern White Kitchen with Island Cabinets

A modern snow coloured kitchen isn’t just about the colors but also the type of furniture that you will be installing. If you really want to create a modern looking setup, you should consider your needs too since you are in the process of remodeling your space. Do you need an extra cooking space? How about storage? Do you want to have furniture that has multiple functions? Answering these questions can help you decide what other items will need to truly become the setup of your dreams.

If you want to have an extra counter to use when preparing your meals or a cooking area too you should consider getting island cabinets. Island cabinets offer both an extra surface for you to prepare your meals or serve your dishes as well as extra storage space in the form of built-in cabinets located underneath the counter. You can get island cabinets in various colors such as white, black or even wood. You should decide how you want your island to function so you will be able to match it with your kitchen.

There is no reason why you can’t make it work for you especially when there are dozens of worthwhile ideas to try out such as those mentioned above.

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