Wood Types That Affect Hardwood Floors Cost

Homeowners who have decided to put new hardwood floors in their homes have sometimes been overwhelmed by how much hardwood floors cost and the different types that affect the pricing when you decides to buy. There was only one kind of wood flooring to choose from before, the solid ones. Aside from that, we now have engineered wood and laminate ones out in the market. Different types might have made selecting floorings for the home more difficult, but it has also lowered costs and made it more affordable. Installing these new wood flooring types has also become easier, which also means that the cost are cheaper than ever.


Typical Hardwood Floors Cost

Hardwood flooring are priced similarly to carpets, the cost displayed in public is only for the material. The installation cost, underlayment cost, additional materials like nails and moldings haven’t been factored in yet. In general, solid ones are priced somewhere $1.50 to $4.00 per square feet, while laminate flooring installation cost are more affordable at $0.65. Hardware stores and tile stores usually have discrepancies in their prices. So if you’re planning on installing one on your own, you might still get better deals if you check wholesale prices online before computing the price.

The first few questions you need to ask yourself when computing the price about the type of wood flooring will look best in your home and how much you need. Among the choices, solid wood is admittedly the most expensive, but also the most beautiful. Most homeowners would initially pick solid oak or maple flooring. But there are certain disadvantages to using solid ones which should be carefully considered when thinking about price.

For one, solid ones are not recommended in rooms with full baths and areas with below grade applications. Plus, solid woods have a soft core, can be dented easily and are affected by moisture. If you have an active lifestyle and your home has high foot traffic, then you might want to reconsider choosing this. Installing solid wood floorings are labor intensive and quite complex, especially to someone who doesn’t have previous experience. Designers and contractors would typically recommend to you to hire a professional flooring company to do solid wood flooring installations. And this is why solid ones are pricier, it is labor intensive. Actually, some flooring installers are known for declining installation projects like this since it entails hours of hard physical labor.

Hardwood Floors Cost – Why Engineered Floors Are Worth Considering

But if you really want to enjoy the benefits of having beautiful flooring at home but without suffering from the high price, then think about using engineered ones. Engineered wood floors’ top is made from veneered wood while at the center is plywood. This type of wood is stronger and conforms to changing temperatures better. This flexibility is what makes it ideal for use in below grade applications. And best of all, engineered ones uses a tongue and groove installation, so every piece is locked tightly together.

If you choose to hire professional floor installers, the cost will be much lower since it’s easy and can be carried out in one day. But the price would go even lower if you choose to do the installation yourself. But don’t forget to include the cost of a high quality subflooring. Wood laminates also need a subfloor and you don’t want to skimp in this area. A high quality sub-flooring will give you an excellent sound and moisture barrier and also helps absorbs noise.

Wood laminates are also a good option. Even though it’s not real wood, it’s hard to tell the difference. The top layer of the laminate looks like real hard wood and gives you the same beautiful grain patterns of different wood species. Laminate floorings have few imitations on where they can be installed, like damp basements or bathrooms with full baths. Best of all, laminate hardwood floors are priced less than solid ones. Plus, the tongue and groove flooring can easily be handled by the homeowner himself.

Consult with companies, check with retailers and wholesalers and do online research to give you an idea on how much hardwood floors are priced.

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